Ben Sussman

Ben Sussman

Dr. Sussman leads the ultrafast quantum photonics group.  His research investigates the intersection of quantum optics and ultrafast science. Interests include control of quantum systems, quantum sensing & imaging, quantum memories, photonic networking, diamond phononics, and quantum processing.

Dr. Sussman received his PhD in Physics from Queen’s University, Kingston. He was a Research Fellow at Worcester College, University of Oxford, and joined the National Research Council (NRC) as a staff scientist in 2008. 

He is Adjunct Professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Associate Editor at the Canadian Journal of Physics, and a fellow of the Joint Centre for Extreme Photonics (JCEP).

Email Address: bsussman [at] uOttawa [dot] ca
Phone Number: (613) 991-6888
Office: National Research Council of Canada, 100 Sussex Drive, Ottawa ON K1N 5A2
Twitter: @SussmanBen

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