Emilio Alarcón

Emilio Alarcón

Dr. Alarcón’s work pushes the boundaries of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. His research seeks to understand how nanoscale interactions can be used to create biomaterials with augmented biological properties for tissue and organ repair. Furthermore, Dr. Alarcón works on developing innovative tools and technologies for minimally invasive on the spot bioprinting of complex tissues.

He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers, most of which in high quality journals with broad audiences (ACS Nano, Advanced Functional Materials, Nature Communications, Science). His work has been cited over 3600 times and scientific impact is evidenced by the subsequent keynote addresses, international collaborations, invited presentations at national and international conferences. The scope and transformative potential of his research has been awarded with significant grant funding (totaling more than $5M) from the largest federal agencies such as: NSERC (including the INTBIOTECH-CREATE), NFRF, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


Website: https://www.ottawaheart.ca/physician-researcher-profile/alarcon-emilio
Office: 40 Ruskin Street, Room H5229A
Email Address: ealarcon [at] uOttawa [dot] ca
Phone Number: 613-761-5000 ext. 14010
Twitter: @EmilioIAlarcon1

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